Ontario Works


 A Case manager is noramlly available every Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Guthrie House, but clients need to call the Brockville Office at 1-899-267-8416 to apply for assistance, or apply on line at http://www.mcss.gov.on.ca/en/mcss/programs/social/apply_online.aspx or   CLICK HERE

Ontario Works delivers financial and employment assistance to people in our community who are in need.

The goal is simple. getting people back on the road to financial independence as quickly as possible.

People applying for, and those currently receiving Ontairo Works, and who are employable are required to participate in the program. Voluntary participation by the disabled, and single parents with young children is encouraed.

The program is comprised of three components and the participant's path through these is tailored to their skills and capabilities.

 Employment Supports

Equip participants with basic education, specific job skilsl, and experience to become "job ready."

Community Placement

Provides an opporutnity for participants to update their skills, gain experience, and develop a network to get a job.

 Employment Placement

Matches job-ready participants to paid employment opportunities.






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