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Mission, Vision and Values

Country Roads Community Health Centre


We strive for healthier communities by working with our residents and health system partners to deliver high quality health and wellness services.


Healthy People in Healthy Rural Communities


  • We are accountable and responsive to the community and value the voice of our clients
  • We respect the diversity of all people in our community
  • Staff and volunteers are our most valuable resource
  • We work in partnership with people to encourage involvement in their own health and well-being
  • Everyone has equal access to our services
  • Healthy communities grow stronger by addressing the social determinants of health
  • Staff uphold the highest professional standards and ensure quality in service delivery to our clients
  • Local governance is reflective of the communities we serve
  • We advocate for health care partnerships and system transformation that will enhance the CHC model of health and wellbeing.
  • We ensure transparency in all of our work

Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Quality Care

Ensure that everything we do results in the highest quality programs and services

Strategic Directions

  • Accessible programs and services for rural families
  • Effective mechanisms for client engagement
  • Service integration/strategic partnerships
  • Advanced use of technology for information sharing
  • CRCHC is a credible leader in the healthcare system

Board Priorities

  • Apply the new Senior Friendly Care Framework
  • Fully integrate virtual care and social prescribing into our model of care
  • Client engagement activities drive organizational planning

Health Promotion

Promote and advocate for change to enhance the well-being of individuals and communities.

Strategic Directions

  • Focus on system navigation as a means of further linking and coordinating primary care and community services
  • Exceptional communication at both internal and external levels
  • Equity and inclusion for all residents
  • Focus on upstream intervention, prevention and community development

Board Priorities

  • Through networking and strategic communications, promote the CHC model of health and well-being as a viable means of meeting rural healthcare needs
  • Board to Board planning that drives coordination and system transformation

Organizational Health

Build workplace practices that strengthen organizational health and best use of resources.

Strategic Directions

  • Maintain focus on organizational cohesiveness across staff groups, Board and volunteers
  • Succession planning for Board and staff
  • Most effective and efficient use of organizational resources
  • Effective and responsible risk management

Board Priorities

  • Succession planning for senior management
  • Review and monitor our organizational risk management framework

We offer a blend of in person, telephone or virtual appointments. Let us know what type of appointment would best meet your needs.