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Our Service Philosophy

Country Roads Community Health Centre


The philosophy of Country Roads Community Health Centre (CRCHC) describes the values and principles of the organization at a variety of levels. These statements are intended to illustrate the ways in which CRCHC provides services, works as a team, governs and leads the organization. The service philosophy is to be reflected in all programs and services. Board and staff members are expected to clearly understand the philosophy of the organization and carry out their responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with the philosophy. Our service philosophy is reflected in the client rights and responsibilities Policy CS-01.

Service Delivery Philosophy

CRCHC believes that the protection, promotion and maintenance of good health and well-being is not just a collection of programs, but is a movement for social change. Our work is built on a community development and health promotion foundation and reflects the Alliance for Healthier Communities Model of Health and Well-Being.

Our work is based on a philosophy that:

  • believes that all people have the right to the resources and conditions that they need for good health and well being
  • reflects a commitment to diversity and inclusion in relation to staff, students, volunteers and clients
  • all staff ensure that best practice guidelines inform the planning, delivery and evaluation of programs and services
  • receives direction from the community through volunteer leadership and community consultation in the development and evaluation of programs and services
  • provides a range of comprehensive, accessible, affordable and people centered services for all
  • allows for flexibility and responsiveness to the changing needs of individuals and the community
  • acknowledges and builds on the strengths and skills of individuals and families client driven)
  • recognizes and utilizes the skills, training and expertise of staff
  • supports the partnership of clients , residents, staff and community agencies
  • assists with removing barriers that prevent people and communities from achieving their best level of health
  • provides information and resources to help individuals and families to make healthy decisions
  • believes advocacy at an individual, group or community level is fundamental to our work
  • regards linkages and referrals to other community resources as important
  • values informal support networks such as friends, families, neighbours and community- based groups
  • regularly evaluates programs and services with the input of the community and key stakeholders
  • supports the movement of the community health and grassroots sectors through shared expertise, leadership and resource
  • supports timely access to programs services.

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