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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is for anyone who has experienced stress, pain, loss, anxiety and or depression. Learn to meditate and practice with the group. This meditation group is based on the work done by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. Participants can attend any number of sessions.

Contact Mandy, ext. 258.

Living Well With a Chronic Condition and Living Well with Chronic Pain

Learn from others who have first hand knowledge about long term health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis or depression. Get new information and skills to manage your symptoms, stress, and side effects. Solve problems, handle difficult emotions more effectively, and set goals. Communicate better with your doctor and health care team.Six week series are offered three times a year and a resource book is provided. All leaders have been trained in the Stanford University Living Well with Chronic Conditions, a world leading self-management program.

Contact Jane,  Registered Nurse, ext. 228.

Senior Fitness

Volunteer-led weekly senior fit classes provide an enjoyable supervised exercise program for older adults at Portland Community Hall on Mondays and Fridays. A program is also in place for residents of Lombard Manor. 

Contact Emily, Health Promoter, ext. 256.

What’s Cooking?

Focus on healthy eating and food skills development. Group members participate in both planning, hands on cooking and nutrition education discussions each month. Participants take food items home. Includes a volunteer development component.  Groups are in Portland and Westport.

Contact Kate, Registered Dietitian, ext. 237

Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes education and support.

Contact Kate, Registered Dietitian CDE, ext. 237 or Jane, Registered Nurse CDE, ext. 228

Mental Health Education and Support

Second and fourth Tuesday afternoon from 1-3.  Support for individuals who are experiencing depression or anxiety. Make new friends. Cook on the fourth Tuesday. In partnership with Leeds & Grenville Mental Health.

Contact Janice, Social Worker, ext. 238.

Get W.I.T.H. IT

Walk in the halls at Rideau District High School, November to June with access to the fitness room twice a week  for exercise during the cold and darker months.

Contact Emily, Health Promoter, ext. 256. 

Walking Country Roads 

Stay active during the spring/summer months. Join us for a free outdoor walking program in Portland and Westport. Open to everyone. 

Contact Emily, Health Promoter ext. 256.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have various programs where youth and adult volunteers play an integral role. We provide training and mentoring  for our volunteers. Learn more about the opportunities available.

Contact Emily, Health Promoter ext. 256.


 All Our Programs Are Open To Everyone In The Community

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