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Pharmacist Services

Country Roads Community Health Centre has a Pharmacist on staff to help optimize Patient drug therapy.
Our Pharmacist meets Patients after a hospital discharge to reconcile your medications and identify any issues that pop up. After reconciling your medications you will meet with your Primary Care Provider to discuss follow up care.

Often reports from hospitals and specialists take weeks to arrive at the clinic. Meeting after hospital discharge speeds the flow of information and provides an accurate and up to date medication profile. With this you can spend your appointment time with your Primary Practitioner discussing your medical conditions rather than updating your file on the computer.

Our Pharmacist is also available for medication reviews. If you have more than one chronic condition or more than 5 medications, our Pharmacist will sit down and review your medication therapy. Each medication, including vitamins and herbals, will be discussed and a report given to your Primary Health Care Practitioner.

What to bring to your appointment?
Please bring:
1) Prescription Medications
2) Over the Counter medications such as pain killers and allergy medications.
3) Vitamins and Minerals
4) Herbal Products.
5) Your questions!

We will sit down and review each product and discuss how it affects your overall health.

What will I get out of my appointment?

1) You will get a typed document outlining any recommendations made by the Pharmacist.
2) A report will be generated and forwarded to your Primary Care Provider.
3) Answers to your questions.
4) Strategies to help improve your medication therapy.

What if I have a current Pharmacy?

Our Pharmacist does not dispense prescriptions in the clinic and is only available for consultations. This will not change the relationship with your current Pharmacy at all.
How do I book an appointment?
For appointments with our Pharmacist, please call reception at 613-272-3302.


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