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Pharmacist Services

Country Roads Community Health Centre

Our Pharmacist is available on-site to assist you with managing your medications.
You do not need a referral from your doctor or nurse practitioner. If you have questions about your medications, simply ASK to speak with the pharmacist!

Even if you don’t have specific questions, we strongly recommend you meet with the pharmacist for a comprehensive medication review, if:

  • You have been recently discharged from a hospital or rehab facility
  • You are taking more than 5 medications on a daily basis
  • You are taking higher risk medications such as opioids, benzodiazepines, insulin or blood thinners
  • Family members or friends have expressed concerns about your medications

Did you know?

  • Going in and out of hospital or rehab (referred to as “transitions of care”) increases your risk of suffering harm due to a medication error
  • Medication changes made by one prescriber are not always communicated to your entire healthcare team
  • The only constant as you move through the health care system is YOU!

The simple solution to improving safety is to keep an ACCURATE medication list and to SHARE it with your entire care team (doctors, nurse pratictioners, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, specialists, caregivers, etc.)

What should I bring to the appointment
ALL medications. This includes prescriptions, over-the-counter products, herbals, vitamins, supplements, liquids, creams, etc.

What should I expect to take home at the end of the appointment?
The goals at the end of a comprehensive medication review are:

  • Understand WHAT each medication is for and WHO has prescribed it
  • Understand HOW each medication should be taken
  • Understand the RISKS and BENEFITS of each medication
  • Understand IF and WHEN a medication should be CHANGED or STOPPED

li>Know how to access SUPPORT at anytime

Check out this link to better manage your own medication list! https://www.knowledgeisthebestmedicine.org/index.php/en/medication_record.1.html

We offer a blend of in person, telephone or virtual appointments. Let us know what type of appointment would best meet your needs.