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Take Part in Your Health

Country Roads Community Health Centre

We encourage our clients to be fully involved in their health and well-being. Our team is committed to working together with you.

We strive to provide a safe accessible and welcoming space for all.

Our Part

  • Your information will be kept confidential
  • We will treat you with respect
  • You will be a full partner in your care
  • We will tell you about available services
  • We will help you make informed choices
  • We will give you the option to refuse treatment and will explain what happens if you do
  • We will support you with a second opinion if you request it
  • We will tell you when you are receiving the services from a student and respect your right to refuse these services
  • We will listen to your feedback.
  • We will review your chart with you when you ask and also provide you copies

Your Part

  • Tell us if you do not understand any information that we give you
  • Provide relevant information to your health care team
  • Follow treatment and accept responsibility for your decisions you make about your health
  • Be courteous and respectful of other clients, volunteers, students and staff
  • Recognize that providers have a responsibility to decline treatment that they consider to be medically or ethically irresponsible
  • Do your best to arrive on time for your appointments
  • Call us if you need to cancel your appointment
  • Keep us up to date if you change your information

We offer a blend of in person, telephone or virtual appointments. Let us know what type of appointment would best meet your needs.